Behind the Science Marketing Development Inc.

Science Marketing Development Incorporated (SMDI) started in 1984 as a manufacturer and distibutor of high quality industrial and household products. One of our products, Tupuro Water Purifier, achieved the Asia’s Trusted Brand and Super Brand of Reader’s Digest. In more than 30 years of service, we have also released Super Water Heater and our lifestyle plastic organizers (CLAS). Success didn’t end there, as SMDI keeps on looking for new products to help the Filipino households and offices nationwide.

In 2008, SMDI launched RML, which provides CNC lathe and machine to industrial and manufacturing plants. By forming a team of experts of the field, we are also able to retrofit our clients’ lathe & milling machines by adding CNC to their conventional equipment. That way our customers are able to maximize their production with ease.

In 2009, SMDI started PORIMA, a provider of portable agricultural machineries that helps small to medium agricultural-related businesses to increase their production in the feeds division. Our machines provided a great help in our clients nationwide, not only in their end product but also in profitability as well.

SMDI never stops learning and innovating. Seeing our customers having better lives using our products inspires us to create more solutions for their everyday lives. And that motivation transforms into better products and service to this day and moving forward.

Availability of products in the market (where can customer find them, is there a physical store). Most of our products are available in Ace Hardware, SM Home World, Robinson’s True Value, DIY, Office Warehouse, National Book Store, The Landmark, Gaisano Malls, and soon in all leading department stores nationwide.

Other Products and Services Offered

Porima – Portable agricultural equipment
1. Multi-grain Rice Miller
2. Flour Crusher
3. Hammer Mill
4. Pelletizer
5. 2in1 Miller & Crusher
6. Heavy Duty Grain Miller
RML – Retrofitting Services


To provide the best quality plastic products at a friendly price.


To be one of the country's leading proponents for plastic products.

Awards and Recognition

Awards of Products
1. Tupuro
a. Asia Trusted Brand of the Reader’s Digest Platinum Consumer’s Choice Award 2007-2009
b. Asia Trusted Brand of the Reader’s Digest Gold Consumer’s Choice Award 2005-2006